Need a Suspended Ceiling in Brisbane

Suspended Ceiling in Brisbane
Suspended Ceiling Brisbane

Tile ceiling Brisbane.

We recently had the opportunity to do a suspended ceiling in a Brisbane fit-out. The client initially rang and asked for just the suspended ceiling. After further discussion with the client, she also asked us to do put the partition walls up also. The client was after a tile ceiling that was going to look professional and neat. As she was using the area for a showroom as well as office.

Partition walls.

The partition walls in this fit-out were constructed from a 64mm stud and track system fixed off at 450 mm centers. Which was stated on the plan 10mm plasterboard was to be applied to both sides of the with an r1.5 earth wool insulation to be applied inside the wall before sheeting.

Ceiling tile.

After a discussion with the client about what ceiling tile they wanted to use on their suspended ceiling.  She was after an all-round common ceiling tile that would look professional and neat. “Impressions “was the ceiling tile the client picked as she not only liked the look. But with added insulation over the top of the ceiling, it ticked all of the boxes for her suspended tile ceiling.


Type of suspended tile ceiling used.

The suspending ceiling system used on this job was a product called the rondo- don grid ceiling system formally known as USG. One of the reasons we choose to use the Rondo-don ceiling grid is we find it just as strong as all other grid systems.  Along with easier to use the ceiling systems clips together with minimal struggle. Which allows less damage to the suspended ceiling system.

Suspended ceiling Brisbane overview

The client contacted us here at Trimline Interiors asking us if we could add space for an office and somewhere to sell their products.  We installed a wall partitions in their workshop so that the area would be sectioned off. We then sheeted the partitions walls and installed a suspended ceiling throughout. The client is now over the moon as they reduced their overheads. They went from having an office and a workshop separate to having both of them in one space.

For more information please refer to.https://www.trimline.com.au/tile-ceilings/

For more information on specifics. https://www.usgboral.com/en_au/products/ceilings.html

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