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Plastering in Gympie is on the move because Trimline Interiors is on the scene. Not only do we provide qualified tradespeople, we also care about our customers. Commercial or domestic projects, large or small, Trimline Interiors has it covered.  We supply the complete solution to all your plastering needs, and furthermore we are based right here in Gympie.

Plastering in Gympie
Picture halfway through a plastering job in Gympie

Why use Trimline for your plastering:

Excellence in plastering quality.

Trimline Interiors is a plastering business established by a Gympie couple, Tyson and Brenda Rimmington. Their aim is to deliver high-quality plastering products and professional service to Gympie and surrounding areas. In addition, they also service the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and all the associated hinterland regions. Because the owners are locals, the tradesmen on their team are locals too.

Generations of plasterers.

Manager Tyson Rimmington is a second generation plasterer. In addition to his experience, Tyson’s father and brother both conduct successful plastering and suspended ceiling businesses also. Together the family has a combined 75 years experience in the plastering industry. Hence, there is very little they don’t know about plastering and suspended ceilings. Consequently, they are the specialists in the field.

Working hard for the customer.

Tyson is not afraid of hard work. Accordingly, he works alongside the tradesmen on the job to ensure the job is done to satisfaction.


Good old-fashioned honesty is a quality everyone looks for in a business relationship. Therefore, Tyson and the Trimline team pride themselves on delivering what they promise, when they promised it. For example, Tyson strives to keep to his word on timelines for every single job,  even if it means working grueling hours to stick to the schedule. Despite this,  quality is never sacrificed for speed.

Intelligent choices.

Many plasterers will rush three coats of plaster in a single day to reduce labour and travel costs. Conversely we endeavour to spread the process out. As a result, this gives the product more drying time which gives the product a superior finish. To summarize, this means there is less shrink back, less cracking the end result is stronger. In other words, we work with you (and your time-frame).

Why our customers say our plasterers are the best:

Local plasterers caring for local people.

Local people like to do business with other local people. In keeping with this, manager of Trimline Interiors, Tyson Rimmington, grew up in Gympie. As such, he knows the area and he knows the people. Furthermore, his team provides all the expertise, quality and professionalism of the big smoke in the country town of Gympie and the surrounding coastline and hinterlands.

Unwavering commitment to high-quality plastering.

Trimline owner Tyson has an unwavering commitment to high-quality work. In keeping with this, we work with you to plan out your project and give you all the options available. In other words, quality products combined with quality tradesmanship bring you the result you are looking for and deserve.

Complete plastering package from inquiry to completion.

Trimline Interiors provide the complete package. For instance, our outstanding service begins from the first message or phone call. Secondly, response times are fast, and details of inquiries are recorded to ensure the customer’s needs are met and the relevant information is supplied. Next, our team will listen and provide advice when requested and then help clients to plan their project. Finally, quotes are provided free of charge and provided in a timely and professional manner.

Professional organisation.

Commencement of the job is negotiated with the customer to provide the most convenient time and date in order to minimize interruption to normal routines for clients. Once the job has commenced, the Trimline team work tirelessly to keep the timeline on target.

Commitment to upholding Australian Standards

Trimline Interiors prides itself on meeting and exceeding Australian Standards on all aspects of its business. To do this, we consult with representatives from leading suppliers and organisations to stay abreast of the constant changes to legal and ethical requirements of our profession. For example, recent changes have been made to acoustic and seismic design requirements in the building industry.

For more information on Australian Standards look here.


With silicosis being the next “asbestos” problem plaguing the building industry, we only use professional equipment. For example, we use quality rail saws fitted with vacuums with hepafilters to ensure your project remains clean and Safe. Workers wear specially fitted dust masks to ensure safety standards are met.

Range of Plastering Services:

Our range of services are extensive. This is because Tyson completed his apprenticeship working for a commercial plastering company. During this time, he worked on numerous projects throughout Queensland. Following this he worked with many large commercial companies throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Therefore he gained valuable experience in both domestic and commercial plastering. Subsequently, a number of projects Tyson and his team worked on were nominated and achieved finalist status in the Wall and Ceilings Awards for plastering.

As a result of our comprehensive experience in both domestic and commercial plastering, Trimline Interiors has a solution to meet your needs. For example, our years of experience in commercial work is put to good use in working with steel sheds and in industrial settings.

Domestic Services.

Trimline Interiors’ domestic services range from small patches to the supply, fixing, and setting of entire homes. In addition to this we offer specialized features to allow your home to stand out from the crowd. Why not have something special in your home? For example, our services include but are not limited to:

  • supply of plastering products
  • fixing sheeting
  • battening walls and ceilings (steel battens)
  • steel stud walls

Furthermore, we are specialists in:

  • bulk heads
  • coffered ceilings
  • suspended ceilings, flush set and exposed
  • raked ceilings
  • shed lining

New homes and units.

Trimline’s team are available to attend to the complete plastering package for your home or unit. For example, we supply and install everything you will need to achieve the amazing result you deserve in your new home. Hence we are available to take your inquiry and provide you with a quote free of charge. Furthermore, we service a large area covering most of Queensland’s South-East. Our team has completed the plastering for homes and units from Brisbane to Curra and Glenwood. East of this were homes from Caloundra, through the Sunshine Coast towns of:

  • Wurtulla
  • Warana
  • Mooloolaba
  • Maroochydore
  • Mudjimba
  • Sunshine Beach
  • Coolum
  • Peregian Beach
  • Noosa
  • Rainbow Beach
  • to Tin Can Bay

Repairs to homes and units.

We all know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to have damage to our walls and ceilings. This is especially true if the home or unit is a rental property. In this case, you need only give Trimline a call. Following this we will inspect the damage and discuss with you your options to repair the damage. Finally we provide you with a free quote, detailing time-frames and costs.

Furthermore, when we arrange to attend to the repairs we co-operate with you to plan for the least disruption to your household routine and commitments.


One of the most satisfied groups of clients we have is the group of customers for whom we have completed renovations. This is because we transform a space in their beloved homes into an even more loved zone for family enjoyment. In doing so, we fit in with the family schedule during renovations. Afterwards, the customer is left with a beautiful, clean space they can be proud of. Often, the look and feel of the room is completely transformed.

Home owners often choose to update sections of their home. For example, weather boards in a sleep- out or sun-room may be covered with plasterboard to make the room look modern and new. From another angle, the ceiling can be transformed by using plasterboard, setting and removing cover strips.

Commercial Services.

Beyond the domestic scope of works, Trimline Interiors excels when it comes to commercial applications. This is because of extensive experience in  high end commercial projects. For example, our list of commercial  building and fit-out experience includes but are not limited to:

Fast Food Outlets
  • multiple KFCs from the Gold Coast through to Cairns; e.g.
    • plastering in Gympie KFC, frame suspended ceilings, sheet and plaster walls and ceilings
    • commercial plastering in Maroochydore KFC, frame suspended ceilings, sheet and plaster walls and ceilings
    • plastering in Maryborough KFC, frame suspended ceilings, sheet and plaster walls and ceilings
    • commercial plastering in Caboolture KFC, frame suspended ceilings, sheet and plaster walls and ceilings
  • Hungry Jack’s; Plastering in Townsville Hungry Jacks;
  • Pizza Huts; Plastering in Gympie Pizza Hut; frame  suspended ceilings, sheet and plaster walls and ceilings
  • Sizzlers: Plastering Patches to Maroochydore Sizzler
Retail Plastering
  • Shopping Centres; eg. Plastering Fit-outs in Gympie and Sunshine Coast
  • Harvey Norman; plastering in Gympie Harvey Norman Complex; internal and external sheeting
  • Auto Barn: plastering in Gympie Auto Barn new building; supply and install walls and suspended ceilings
  • Supercheap Auto:plastering in Gympie Supercheap new building; supply and install walls and suspended ceilings
  • ARB: plastering in Gympie ARB new building; supply and install walls and suspended ceilings
  • Sunsteel; Plastering in Gympie new showroom; supply and install walls and suspended ceilings
Schools & Service Industry
  • Gympie Schools; e.g.
    • Plastering in Gympie Cooloola Christian College classrooms; acoustic suspended ceilings in Multi-purpose hall
    • Plastering in Gympie St Patrick’s Primary School new classrooms; acoustic suspended set ceilings
  • Brisbane Airport Chairman’s Lounge; wall and ceiling framing and plastering in Brisbane
  • hotels; e.g. plastering in Maryborough hotel; feature acoustic ceiling
  • surf clubs; e.g.
    • plastering in Caloundra Surf Club, plastering and suspended ceilings
    • plastering in Maroochydore Surf Club, plastering and suspended ceilings
Medical Plastering Services
  • Raceview Medical Centre; Plastering in Ipswich; wall and ceiling framing, sheeting and acoustic ceiling feature paneling
  • hospitals; e.g.
    • commercial Plastering in Caboolture General Hospital; plastering and sheeting
    • Plastering in Sunshine Coast University Hospital; acoustic suspended ceilings
  • Medical Centres; e.g. Plastering in Gympie Medical Centre; external wall and ceiling sheeting
  • Mulit-level unit complexes; steel stud wall and ceiling framing in Maroochydore, Buderim and Sippy Downs

Throughout our careers as commercial plasterers, we have become known as the specialists in suspended ceilings and steel framing.

New commercial plastering projects.

New commercial projects make up the majority of our commercial portfolio. Furthermore, builders and other plasterers often call upon our expertise to attend to more complex aspects of commercial work. In summary, we specialize in bulk-heads, coffered ceilings, and steel framing. For this reason, we are often asked to complete intricate set-outs for walls and ceilings. To assist in this process we use quality Hilti professional measuring and laser equipment.

Repairs to commercial properties.

The most common repairs to commercial properties is damage to ceilings. Generally this is caused by leaking water or stormy weather. For example, powerful wind can cause structural damage to roofs and ceilings. As a result of structural damage, rain and water damages the insulation and ceiling beneath. On the other hand, in a multi-story building, water damage is sometimes caused by water leakage from a level above.

Luckily, Trimline Interiors are fully equipped to rapidly attend to the problem. As a result, they are able to repair the damage in minimal time to ensure minimal disruption to the business or tenant. In turn, this means reduced financial loss to the tenant and the owner of the building.

Renovations to commercial property

Commercial properties are expensive to buy and consequently they are expensive to lease. It follows that the more modern and the better the condition of the space, the more the space is worth to lease. So naturally it is favorable to the landlord to renovate the property. As result or renovations, the rental income will increase. Accordingly, the value of the property will increase.

To add to the benefits gained by the landlord, the tenant too will reap rewards from a renovation. Firstly, a more pleasant, well maintained work place produces happier, more productive staff. Secondly, customers have more confidence in a well-maintained business premises. A good renovation can change the whole feel or vibe to a business space.

In addition to aesthetics, there are many other reasons to renovate a commercial property. For example, functionality is equally important as the look of the space. Perhaps extra rooms may be required to home extra staff. Walls or ceilings might need to be added or moved to improve lighting and thermal efficiency.

Award winning projects

Tyson recently worked on the new renovations to Gympie Central Shopping Centre. Even more impressive was the quality workmanship he contributed to at Brisbane Airport’s Chairman’s Lounge. In recognition of this quality plastering and framing, the project was nominated and promoted to finalist in the Wall and Ceilings Awards for Plastering; Projects over $1 million. Likewise, the Raceview Medical Centre was also nominated and promoted to finalist in the Wall and Ceilings Awards for Plastering; Projects under $1 million.

Specialized ceilings in the IT laboratories of the University of Queensland provided experience in some of the latest products. Specifically, acoustic autex was used on the ceilings for acoustic efficiency.


Fit-outs are the process of making interior spaces ready for use. This may include the installation of offices, meeting rooms, board or conference rooms, reception areas, suspended ceilings, bulk heads, coffers etc.

Our experience and professional equipment make us the obvious choice for such projects. Furthermore, we use quality products to ensure a superior finish.

Steel Framing.

Steel framing forms one of the main services Trimline Interiors provides. Furthermore, our Major suppliers can engineer and certify different steel designs (load bearing and non-load bearing). Even better still, this is mostly at no cost to the customer. We use Rhondo or Peer (Knauf) quality products for all our steel framing for walls and ceilings.

In the Gympie region, numerous residents line their sheds to provide housing while they build their dream home. Steel framing and lining of these sheds makes a homely space for families.

Range of Plastering Products:

Multiple Suppliers

Trimline doesn’t only deal with one supplier. In fact, we deal with all suppliers. Therefore, we have a supplier network that gives you access to pretty much anything available on the Australian market.  For example, we have access to a vast array of sound rated brackets and acoustic clips for ceilings and walls. This is due to the wide selection of products available as a result of dealing with multiple suppliers. We don’t go with the  cheapest we go with the one that suits your job the best. Different manufacturers have different products depending on the type of finish you  need.

Level of finish required

Most people don’t realize what finish they need for different aspects of their job. Therefore, we advise our clients of any potential variations from the norm that may affect their finished product. For example, if you have glancing light or large windows we utilize an installation process to achieve the best outcome. The biggest complaint in plastering is the difference in texture between the set joints and the board surface. In certain lights this is visible to the naked eye. With planning and a professional assessment by our team, much of this can be avoided.

Exterior Finishes

We deal and specialize in external sheeting of numerous types, such as expressed joint compressed sheeting. In addition we utilize all of the exterior wall sheeting from Hardies.  CSR Designer series is another facet that most people don’t even think about when planning their projects. This product makes your building stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, there is no painting and it screw straight to your steel frame. Also, it can be used for interior or exterior applications..


So you have something that needs plastering? Quotes are free! You have nothing to lose and an amazing job just waiting for us to complete for you. Give Tyson a call to organize a time to come and discuss your next project.

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