Do you need a plasterer in Glenwood?


Plasterer in GlenwoodWhy you should look for a plasterer in Glenwood.

We recently received a phone call from a client that was after a plasterer in Glenwood or a nearby area. We took the drive out to Glenwood property to do quote some plastering work on both new and existing works. The new works that had been completed by the owner were great. It was the old works that had been completed by a local handyman that was causing the issues.

The task at hand.

We faced a very common issue that happens way too often. The paper tape is not bedded in properly and Overtime starts to let go and come away from the plasterboard.  Our client asked us what his options were. The only option was to pull all of the paper tapes out and redo all of the joins on the ceiling.  We completed the joins with a three-coat system allowing plenty of dry time between coats to prevent further cracking of the ceiling joins.

Installing cornice.

Another main reason for our client looking for a plasterer in Glenwood was for the cornice. The cornice is not something that can be done correctly by your average handyman. This job, in particular, needed the timber cladding screwed off more. Along with more screws placed in the ceiling sheets.  The existing ceiling had a lot of imperfections so we decided to add more fixings to the ceiling. So that the cornice still looked professional and met a standard in which both us and the client was happy with. The client chose 55mm cove cornice on this job as not only did the client like the cornice we had to match in with the rest of the existing cornice.

Sanding and final touch-ups

Another difference is your local handyman and sourcing a plasterer in Glenwood is, along with sanding as a final stage of the job. It is very important to go over your work before you leave a job looking for any last imperfections or scuff marks that may have happened between your last coat and sanding from other trades.  Asking the client to organize with the painter to come back after the sealer coat has been done is also an option that a lot of other plasterers wouldn’t do.

Plasterer in Glenwood overview.

The team at Trimline interiors go above and beyond to ensure a quality finish. We take great pride in our work as it shows in our final product. If so happens that you are looking for a plasterer in Glenwood. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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