Plaster Repairs are better when done by a professional!

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Common repairs:

The most common repair jobs are from door stoppers not being there. As well as fist holes from teenage parties.  Fist holes are the other common plaster repairs that we seem to get a lot of. We seem to get a lot of plaster repairs each week.

Carrying out plaster repairs:

At first look, you can usually tell how hard or easy the repair job is going to be. Is there still a paper backing to bind too?. Or do we need to tidy plaster by making a larger hole in order for the plaster repair to look like it never happened?  Most of the time for a better more professional finish we like to take a little from around the hole to neaten up the finish for a better overall result.

Do and don’ts of plaster repairs.

A common thing a lot of DIY or handymen do is just load the patch with mud. This does fill the hole, yes but it does not always fix the problem. By filling the hole and not putting any paper tape or any form of back blocking behind the plaster repair. You run a very high risk of maximum shrinkage and future cracking. So by attempting the DIY method you will be in turn costing yourself a lot of extra money further down the track. By hiring a tradesman to do the job the first time you eliminate the risk of having to pay someone to come back to cut a bigger hole to patch the hole from before the has shrunk back or has cracked.

Benefits of using a professional for your plaster repairs.

One of the major benefits of using a professional qualified tradesman over handyman is the ability for the task to be done to a certain code and standard. Using a three coat system with both back blocking and paper tape it will hold a lot better without caving in. Which in turn provides a flatter, stronger and more professional finish.


With that being said the team at Trimline interiors is more than qualified to patch and size hole large or small so give us a call today for a free quote.

Plaster Patch
Plaster patch finished and ready for sanding

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