Plaster Patches in Gympie just got Easier

Plaster Patches Gympie

Well Gympie the team at Trimline Is the new business in town looking to help you. With a team of qualified plasterers in both the residential and commercial plastering industry. It seems that a lot of the time Plaster patches in Gympie are left to the everyday handyman. As all other plastering companies seem to become to busy for the small jobs. The team at Trimline has been called out multiple times to jobs where the compound has been applied to this and has left humps in the wall after the claim to be finished. Without the proper training and only being self-taught, these are common mistakes that handy can make. too many coats to fast is a technique that is commonly used which will fail every time.

Plaster Patch
Plaster patch finished and ready for sanding

Having The correct plaster patching process

There is a correct process in place for even the smallest of plaster patches. Getting a qualified plasterer to perform the task right the first time can cause a lot fewer headaches.  For example having to pay someone twice.  We have had clients thank us time after time for being professional, efficient and displaying a great amount of trade knowledge.  Plaster patches can be a tiny dent in the wall or as big as a tv screen.

Pros of Hiring a tradesman

The pros to having a qualified plasterer patch a plaster hole in your wall.  Is the quality of the overall finish from the start of the plaster patch. To the end of the painting process Also that you only need to pay for it once and not pay for someone to come have a go then have to ring a qualified tradesman. To then come not only fix the  works that have been  carried out. But start the plaster patch process all over again.  So you sometimes need to ask yourself. Why pay Twice? When you can get  a qualified plasterer  for a quality finish with professional workmanship.

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