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False Ceiling in Brisbane

Are you looking to change or update the look of your office workspace?. Trimline Interiors have a team of qualified tradesmen that specialize in the False ceiling in Brisbane.  Decorative ceilings or decorative ceiling tiles, exposed grid ceilings and even black ceiling grid and black ceiling tiles.

When choosing the correct ceiling system

When the client is choosing the ceiling system they want for their False ceiling in Brisbane. There are many different options to chose from. For example, if the client is wanting a showroom fit-out or office fit-out. I would suggest using a normal Rondo Donn exposed grid ceiling system. The office and showroom will look professional and as the ceiling is suspended maintenance on the False ceiling in Brisbane becomes a lot easier. Having ceiling tiles instead of a solid set suspended ceiling. It allows you to access any area of the building as you are able to just take a ceiling tile out.

When deciding on a type of False ceiling type for your wet areas and bathrooms. I would suggest using a solid set plasterboard suspended ceiling. In the majority of the bathroom, there are now floor to ceiling tiles and a solid set ceiling provides a better finish.

Tile choice for the ceiling in Brisbane.

Choosing the correct tile for the job is another task the client must also do. More times than not this is made out to be a lot harder than it has to be. The client just has to come to the contractor with what they want out of the space? Do they need the place to be quiet without echo for a thing like staff meetings or conferences? Can the client get away with just a normal plasterboard tile or another budget tile such as Impressions?  The choices for different ceiling tiles in the modern age are endless. There are colored tiles and tiles with patterns. Along with tiles that hold a lot more values for both acoustic and thermal applications.


The team at Trimline Interiors can help you in all aspects of your False ceiling in Brisbane.  We can source all different types of ceiling tiles suspended ceiling grid systems. If you are looking for a team of tradesmen that are not about ripping you off but more about helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your ceiling application and office space please contact us at Trimline.

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False ceiling in Brisbane
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