Ceiling Tile Replacement in Brisbane with Trimline

Brisbane ceiling tile replacement
Brisbane ceiling tile replacement

                                     Brisbane Ceiling Tile Replacement

 Why replace the ceiling tile?

The team from Trimline recently received a phone call from a client asking for advice on her suspended ceiling. Upon showing up to have a closer look over the ceiling. We realized that there were multiple faults with the ceiling and the current status of the ceiling tiles and the ceiling was not great.   Around 30 percent of the hangers had let go on the existing ceiling. There was also a lot of markings as the existing vinyl face plasterboard ceiling tile was dirty and had been painted over multiple times.  After checking with the client, she decided to go with the Brisbane ceiling tile replacement option.

Panel choice matters

The client decided not to go with the vinyl faced plasterboard tile for her Brisbane ceiling tile replacement. As she thought they looked a little dated and the client wanted to modernize her office space. The AMF Thermofon ceiling tile was the tile that the client chose for her ceiling tile. The reason being is that the tile looks more modern and has still looked like a clean professional finish.

Replacing the ceiling tiles

When we replaced the ceiling tile we came across a few minor issues. The main obstacle was that there had been so many coats of paint to the existing grid system that the ceiling tile was in fact stuck to the grid. Once we had removed all of the old ceiling tiles and placed in the skip bin. We then started on the install of the new ceiling tiles.

Overview of the Brisbane ceiling panel replacement.

Once we removed the old ceiling tiles installed the new Thermofon ceiling tiles the difference it made amazing. The client was over the moon by how fast the team at Trimline Interiors was to come for an onsite visit. Follow up with a quote also how fast and neat they then executed the task at hand. If you are after a Brisbane Ceiling Til Replacement then Trimline Interiors is the team for you.

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