Benefits of Plaster Renovations With Trimline

Pros to Home Renovations:

Why not explore your options and look into the Benefits of plaster renovations.With the real-estate market currently decreasing in a lot of areas. More and more people have decided not to sell their property and sit on there investments. However, why not take advantage of the market downturn. By turning it into a positive by investing money into improving your home and overall capital growth of your property.

The kitchen

The kitchen is considered the hub of the family home. So why not start there using plasterboard to cover up old and dated timber finishes. Also, use it as a neat and tidy finish to your kitchen renovation. Along with using plasterboard and cornice to finish the neat look throughout your Kitchen renovation.

The Bathroom.

Bathrooms are usually a small yet very important part of every household. Does your home look outdated and need a facelift? Renovating your bathroom is an easy way to bring a modern look back to your home. Re-sheeting or in some cases patching plaster or villa board in a bathroom. It can help add value to your home. Plaster again adds a  neat finish to a space that the homeowner/ investor may have once thought of as dated and needing renovation.


One that the majority of people don’t often think about is the thermal qualities of there property. Maybe the property is always freezing cold in the winter. Or unbearable from the heat in summer. Adding insulation into your ceiling renovation. Also, your wall renovation can be one of the less expensive things to do but also add value to your investment. As well as aid in the cost of electricity bills also

Bedrooms and living areas

Bedrooms and living areas are where the most time is spent in a household. In some cases by covering timber on both walls and ceilings with plaster in some old homes. As well as adding cornice, the look of a house can change so dramatically. Along with covering the timber in your plaster renovation. You may have brick you want covered also. The Internal brickwork is often covered by plaster in renovations. Some masonry adhesive is used to stick the plaster to the brickwork. Another system to use battens with either a directly fixed clip or a beta fixes adjustable clip as sometimes the wall you are fixing too may not be plumb. Using plaster in renovations is a great way to neaten your property up. Also bringing a more modern look to the property for a high sale value in the right market.

Sheds or garages

Shed and garages are a space that the client never thinks of. Doing a shed renovation by either adding a room or a suspended ceiling. Even if it to add more living area to your property is again an idea people don’t often think about. Lining the shed with plaster as well as insulating for a future granny flat or teen retreat is a great way to add living space to your property which in turn would also add to your investment.

Personally I have had a lot of my clients ask to do plaster renovations. On both their shed and garages, as well as replacing plasterboard ceilings that have failed over time. I have worked on a lot of bathroom renovations. Replacing and patching walls and ceilings to bring life back to my client’s property.
I mean, after all, it is about doing the small things that can make a big difference in a bad market. To not only sell but capitalize on your investment property.

Beniifts of plaster renovations
A recent sun room we enclosed.

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